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Internal Nasal photos                                                                  

The following six photos, taken with an endoscope and video camera and by transferring the images onto a computer, show the infected areas in the sinus cavity.  What you see is the most outstanding reality of chronic sinusitis. As a result of the consistent Gauze treatment sessions, the thickening and stickiness of the areas had disappeared. The gauze treatment will ensure the recovery and regeneration of the healthy sinus membranes.
The affected area shows the sore skin.
The pus-producing bacteria create  yellowy green maculopapule.
Staphylococcus creates yellowy green maculopapule and  puffy mucous membrane.

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Pink spots: Polyps
Large yellow spots: Ulcerations
Yellow dotted spots: Pyogenic eczema
White coverage: sticky mucous deposits
  Full of pus, the mucous membrane gathers  to be a compacted flat surface.  During Gauze treatment the sore pus is  crinkled  and here it shows its yellowy  kinked   thin vertical  middle line.
A polyp can be found in the centre. This has been crashed down with gauze and it has not come back since.

The gauze that was applied to this part had some blood spots,  which indicate the area is inflamed.  The area is slightly disfigured.

The infected nasal mucous membranes are inflamed and become reddened. The superior, middle and inferior conchae or turbinate bones in the nasal cavity become hypertrophic (thickened and hardened) and the mucous membranes in those areas become adhered to the mucous membranes on the nasal septum, blocking the air passage. Greenish sticky mucous discharge also contributes to the difficulty of breathing through nose.

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